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Riot Games is fully reviewing League of Legends reward and experience system

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  • Riot Games is fully reviewing League of Legends reward and experience system

    It is already long before the launch of League of Legends, the beginnings of this American company known as Riot Games. In 2009, Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill finally released their first, and for now unique, baby that will charm millions of players. Some elders remember but at the time, very few champions were available, the design was risky and you had to arm yourself with patience and motivation to reach the coveted and coveted level 30. End the endless sleepless nights with your friends to massacre bots in Coop vs AI. Finished the small gains of PI to buy Cheap LoL Boost. Finished also the disproportionate stocks of PI for some players. Riot gets up to speed and introduces us to his new system.

    The first point raised is the aspect of the rewards at the end of each game. Currently we are winning a (miserable) number of POs and possibly chests or keys. Soon Riot, plans to simply delete the IP to replace them with blue essences. This change will also be applied to all the content of the store, where the blue essences will become the only currency for free content. Indeed, the prices of the champions will remain the same but the essences obtained during disenchantments will be rethought in order to keep a certain coherence and a proportionality in the prices.

    The end-of-game rewards will no longer concern the currency but rather fragments of champions. These latter logically allow to unlock new ones or to be converted into blue essence. To ensure a better transition for both new and old players, Riot also plans to increase the booty unlocked in the vaults. In addition, in order to satisfy the richest players, Riot proposes to open a special shop of blue gasoline, open temporarily and periodically in the year. You will find in this one exclusive content related to the skins of champions and skins beacons.

    The other major change concerns new level gains and Elo Boosting Cheap. End the limitation at level 30 since Riot sees big and will propose not less than 200 accessible levels for the players. As a result, changes to the rewards will be made. Indeed, each level gain will give a chest to the player whose bonus will obviously depend on the level of the player. Levels will be provided every 25 levels and no exclusive reward will be awarded until level 30. Riot simply wants to facilitate access to champions and blue species for new players while rewarding with the oldest exclusive content. The difficulty of level increase will be proportional depending on the level up to level 150.