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  • Last 2 Days! Hurry to Take 07 Runescape Gold with 7% off on RSorder

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    The key aim of this study was to characterise the traits that give E. coli ST131 a competitive fitness advantage over other potential ExPEC clones. Comparative phenotypic characterisation of a collection of ExPEC strains showed that there was no difference between ST131 and non ST131 strains in terms of their growth rates in different culture media, their capacity to associate with, invade and form intracellular bacterial communities within T24 human bladder epithelial cells and their ability to persist within U937 human macrophages.

    I also like to thank all of my colleagues, including Nooch, who will keep this blog going in his own way. Nooch and I rarely agreed and that made for colorful fireworks as well as diversity of opinion that in the end was valuable for readers. I hope you continue to read the Mercury News and its web site, and I hope you also follow what I write at the new blog.

    Stanley Gage Scruggs, 24, is facing one charge of felony injury to a child after his 3 month old son was taken to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center and then rushed to Primary Children Hospital in Salt Lake City. The little boy head was swollen, and he had bleeding on his brain. Doctors believed his injuries to be consistent with shaken baby syndrome, according to court documents. He was taken to the doctor multiple times. On Friday, he suffered a seizure.

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    Stockmanship is a term used to describe the management of animals with a good stockperson someone who does this in a in a safe, effective, and low stress manner for both the stock keeper and animals involved. It is likely that different relationships are formed dependant on the unique keeper animal dyad (human animal interaction, HAI). The aims of this study were to (1) investigate if unique keeper animal dyads were formed in zoos, (2) determine whether keepers differed in their interactions towards animals regarding their attitude, animal knowl edge and experience and (3) explore what factors affect keeper animal dyads and ultimately influence animal behaviour and welfare. Eight black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis), eleven Chapman's zebra (Equus burchellii), and twelve Sulawesi crested black macaques (Macaca nigra) were studied in 6 zoos across the UK and USA. Subtle cues and commands directed by keepers towards animals were identified. The animals latency to respond and the respective behavioural response (cue response) was recorded per keeper animal dyad (n=93). A questionnaire was constructed following a five point Likert Scale design to record keeper demographic information and assess the job satisfaction of keepers, their attitude towards the animals and their perceived relationship with them. There was a significant difference in the animals' latency to appropriately respond after cues and commands from different keepers, indicating unique keeper animal dyads were formed. Stockmanship style was also different between keepers; two main components contributed equally towards this: "attitude towards the animals" and "knowledge and experience of the animals". In this novel study, data demonstrated unique dyads were formed between keepers and zoo animals, which influenced animal behaviour.

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