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Detail treatment of resin EN12413 cutting blade grinding process

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  • Detail treatment of resin EN12413 cutting blade grinding process

    The grinding step of the resin EN12413 cutting discs is the factor that ultimately determines the overall use effect. Pay attention to the handling of each detail. The following is the more critical detail processing. Let us understand this problem together.
    1. Before grinding, the cutting piece should be idling for 1-3 minutes to observe whether the installation is reasonable and whether the operation is normal. When grinding, the operator should stand on the side of the direction in which the cutting piece rotates to prevent damage if the pieces of the cutting piece fly out.
    2. The cutting machine of the grinding tool should have a movable bracket so that it can be adjusted at any time as needed. The gap between the bracket and the cutting piece is usually 3 mm. Operators should wear protective glasses to prevent sand and debris from flying into the eyes.
    3, the use of hand-held civilian cutting blades, in order to prevent electric shock accidents, must install a leakage protector.
    4. It is not allowed to use the cutting piece to grind non-ferrous metals, wood, fiberboard, etc. Because the abrasives of these materials can easily block the grinding surface of the cutting piece, the grinding efficiency is reduced and the slip, vibration and noise are generated during grinding, which affects the quality and is prone to accidents.
    5. After the cutting piece is blunt, it must be corrected by a special person. When the cutting piece of the grinding tool has a horseshoe shape or a groove, it should be corrected in time to ensure the grinding efficiency and operation safety.
    The details of the above five resin cutting blades during the grinding process, we should pay attention to the future use, standard use, to achieve the final use.
    The aluminum abrasive cutting disc have high strength, certain elasticity and self-sharpness. These remarkable advantages are derived from the choice of materials. The cutting sheets are produced in three important materials, which determine the quality of the products. What are the three important factors?
    1. Liquid phenolic resin. The fluctuation range of the solid content, viscosity, gel time and water solubility of the liquid phenolic resin has different degrees of influence.
    2. The stability of the technical indicators of the mesh. As the performance of resin dicing sheets continues to increase, the role of mesh sheets in resin dicing sheets is important. Mainly manifested in: the fluctuation of the strength of the cutting piece, the deformation of the slice, the delamination of the grinding piece and the like. The amount of glue contained in the mesh has an influence on the strength and viscosity of the cut piece and the cutting performance of the resin cut piece.
    3. Powder phenolic resin. The flow of the powder phenolic resin is an important performance index that affects the structure of the binder. The particle size affects the amount of the wetting agent, and the content of the volatiles is also important. In the actual cutting piece production process, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the performance of each batch of powder resin, so as to ensure the quality of the cutting piece.
    These three kinds of materials are important materials for 125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc, and attention should be paid to the quality of materials when producing them. Only in this way can the overall quality of the products be guaranteed.