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Cutting disc cutting installation precautions

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  • Cutting disc cutting installation precautions

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    resin EN12413 cutting discs

    The opening direction of the resin EN12413 cutting discs machine should be as far as possible towards the wall, and it should not face the pedestrian passage or the personnel with equipment and operation nearby;
    If the cutting disc machine is installed near the equipment or next to the passage, a 1.8M metal mesh should be set at 1~1.5M from the opening of the China cutting disc for metal machine to shield and isolate;
    The cutting disc machine shall not be installed in corrosive gas or inflammable and explosive places;
    The cutting disc machine installation site should keep the ground dry;
    The use of the cutting disc machine should ensure sufficient illumination;
    Implementation of preventive measures
    Comparison of the frequency of various types of failures after taking various precautions. After the precautionary measures were taken, the number of occurrences of cutting discs was significantly reduced, but the annual average number of different types of faults showed significant differences. The annual average number of failures caused by “long storage time” has increased significantly. This is due to the further increase in the time of partial cutting of the disc. Therefore, when using this part of the cutting disc, the existing protective measures must be strictly taken.
    Implementation of protective measures
    After taking various protective measures, the consequences of the aluminum abrasive cutting disc explosion are compared. After the protection measures were taken, the personnel and equipment were protected. There was no accident of personal accidents, the damage of the equipment was reduced, and the cumulative failure time was significantly reduced.
    The frequency of the explosion of the original grinding machine cutting disc was higher, the damage to the equipment was more serious, and the accident of debris injury occurred. After taking certain protective measures, the average number of failures of the cutting discs was reduced by 58%, and the average annual failure time of the equipment caused by the explosions was reduced by 80.7%. There was no further accident of cutting the disc fragments.