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The standard for cutting disc machines and specifications for cutting disc machines

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  • The standard for cutting disc machines and specifications for cutting disc machines

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    China cutting disc for metal

    In addition to some common requirements of the grinding machine, the cutting machine has high speed, simple structure and is suitable.
    Wide range, generally for manual operation, etc. The resin EN12413 cutting discs machine is frequently used in the production of tools, generally no fixed personnel operation,
    Some maintenance is poor, and the accidents caused by failure to comply with safe operating procedures during grinding operations are also quite proportioned.
    Cutting machine installation location:
    The opening direction of the cutting machine should be as far as possible towards the wall, and it should not be facing the pedestrian passage or nearby equipment and operation.
    If the cutting machine is installed near the equipment or next to the passage, set it at 1~1.5M from the opening of the cutting machine.
    High 1.8M metal mesh for shielding isolation;
    The cutting disc machine shall not be installed in corrosive gas or inflammable and explosive places;
    The cutting disc machine installation site should keep the ground dry;
    The use of the cutting disc machine should ensure sufficient illumination;
    safety mask:
    The cutting machine cover should have sufficient strength (generally steel plate thickness is 1.5~3MM) and effective covering surface. Hanging
    Or cutting disc machine with a maximum opening angle of 180 degrees or less; table and floor cutting disc machines, the maximum opening angle
    Less than or equal to 125 degrees, the opening angle above the horizontal plane of the spindle centerline of the cutting disc is less than or equal to 65 degrees;
    The protective cover should be installed firmly to prevent the cutting disk from loosening and falling off at high speed;
    The gap between the shield and the China cutting disc for metal should match. The new cutting disc and the cover plate are positive.
    The surface gap should be 20~30MM, and the gap between the side of the cover plate and the cutting plate is 10~15MM.
    The chipboard should have sufficient strength and be adjustable;
    The chipboard should be securely mounted on the protective cover, and the adjustment is complete.

    The chipboard should have a certain strength, which can effectively block the fragments of the cutting disc and the splashing Mars;
    The width of the chipboard should be greater than the width of the outer circumference of the shield;
    The chipboard should be able to adjust the gap with the circumferential surface of the cutting disc with the wear of the cutting disc, the gap between the two
    Less than or equal to 6MM;
    The cutting machine cover may not be set at an opening angle of 30 degrees or less below the center plane of the spindle of the cutting disk.
    Set up a chipboard;
    Cutting disk:
    The cutting disc has no cracks and no damage;
    The cutting disc must be intact without cracks or damage. Visual inspection should be carried out before installation, and cracks are found. It is strictly forbidden to use;
    It is forbidden to use damp and frozen cutting discs (pay attention to the cutting discs);
    The cutting disc with rubber bonding agent is not allowed to contact oil. The cutting disc of resin bonding agent is not allowed to contact alkali.
    Quality, otherwise it will reduce the strength of the aluminum abrasive cutting disc;
    Cutting discs that have been stored for longer than the safe period is not allowed. Such cutting discs can deteriorate and are extremely dangerous to use. (mom
    Saying that eating something can be bad belly ~)
    So how long is the safe shelf life of the cutting disc? Resin bond cutting disc (more) is generally 1 year, banana (oak
    Glue) bond cutting disc is generally 2 years, made
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    China cutting disc for metal