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    But it's just been a lot of hurtful things and a lot of things that I don't deserve to have happened to me. I'm not even counting the guys who were total assholes after we hung out a few times you know the general ass hatery one encounters when dating before you meet somehow who even makes it to boyfriend stage.

    School seems so short. Everywhere I look, I see signs of how recently I came here. I still remember the first time I came to Waterloo, when my parents took me to check out the campus in grade 11. We had lunch at McDonald For months and months I wondered where that restaurant was, or the long, forested road I remembered driving on to get from my home in London to the Waterloo campus. It was almost a year after I moved out of residence before I discovered the McDonald I sought was at King and Columbia, a three minute walk from my new house on Hickory Street. It was another six months and a bold (failed) expedition to a Tim Hortons on the west side of campus before I learned the magical forest I couldn find was the lightly wooded stretch of University between Erb and Fisher Hallman. I remember living at Waterloo Central Place, a residence that no one has heard about because it a residence Waterloo rented from Laurier for a term. It was supposed to be torn down immediately after we left in Spring 2014, but instead the buildings sit there, quiet and empty, the roof still presumably slowly collapsing. Some nights, when I bored, I try to look through the back window of my old apartment to spot the fan that my roommate forgot on the kitchen counter.

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