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Join in RSorder Easter Eggs Hunting to Get Free RS Gold for Sale on Apr.13

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  • Join in RSorder Easter Eggs Hunting to Get Free RS Gold for Sale on Apr.13

    I've got one of each class, but mainly play as my Witch runescape gold Hunter (Chev) on Order, and Black Orc (Buggalugz) on Destruction. Set up a guild for me and my Order buddies (and love the fact that Guilds level up and get more features as you play) on the Karag Dron server, and am going to set one up on Karak Ungor server for Destruction. Not got any Lvl 40s yet as I like to explore and take time don't understand those who rush through the game and usually miss so many nice touches (or those who never read quest descriptions and just click 'next' all the time miss out on all the backstory?? Not me!)

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    When you finished, turn the quest and get "The Hunt Continues" and your own class quest. Once you have got your skill, go to Chief Hawkwind and get "A Humble Task". Find Greatmother Hawkwind and get part two of "A Humble Task". Once you done, return to Camp Narache, submit the quest to Chief Hawkwind, and accept "Rites of the Earthmother".

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