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What issues should you pay attention to when cutting diamond chips?

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  • What issues should you pay attention to when cutting diamond chips?

    When we are using diamond cutting blades, there are a lot of points to pay attention to. Next, the diamond cutting chip manufacturer will explain the precautions in the application of the diamond cutting blade cutting piece.

    1. Check if there is any dirt on the chuck of the cutting machine. If it is dirty, clean it and install it again. The spindle bearing, main shaft or bushing is very worn. When the wear is serious, change the new bushing or equipment.

    2. When the device cuts the piece, tighten the flange nut so as not to increase the end face of the aluminum abrasive cutting disc. (The cutting piece flange is recommended to use a large point, the diameter of 230mm is better, so that the chuck is too small to clamp the cutting piece to form a piece of zigzag to shake the teeth.)

    3, wet cut cutting blade, please add enough cooling water, cooling water pressure should not be less than 0.1Mpa, no water cutting.

    4, the cutting piece into the knife should be slow, to stop the moderate force or tortuous cutting. During the cutting process, the curve is not allowed to be cut, the side grinding application is not allowed, and the curve cutting and side grinding applications are casually leaking to form cracks, pieces or broken substrates of the cutting piece.

    5. During the cutting process, the cutting machine is strictly prohibited from swaying, so as not to destroy the cutting piece.

    6. When cutting hard data, the customized metal cutting disc becomes dull, and the ceramic grinding wheel or refractory brick can be “opened”. (The cutting edge is to cut the knife on the ceramic grinding wheel or the refractory brick.) Sharp, as always, or the stroke Slow, step by step.

    7. When the device is cut for a while, it is necessary to make the deflection indicated on the cutting piece equal to the twisting of the cutting machine. It is not allowed to switch to the application. Otherwise, the deviation will be different and the composition will not affect the application and affect the application life.

    8. A protective cover should be installed outside the cutting piece to prevent people from falling and hurting. The operator should wear irrelevant protective equipment before handling: such as a safety cap, safety shoes, goggles, protective gloves, etc. If necessary, earplugs must be applied. , masks, etc.