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  • Spring is Coming! Time to Take 7% Off Runescape Gold 2007 on RSorder til Mar.11

    I am thinking of something like City Data Forum in format (sorry not a cheap osrs gold techie, that's my best description) but filled more like with the type of people that come here? That may not be coming out sounding exactly as I'm intending point is, is there an all around multi topic, fairly heavily populated forum that is more intellectually oriented than city data forum, which I keep mentioning because I like the format, the topics, and the size, but its not quite my kind of crowd mostly. At the same time, I am not looking for a very particular place or something too artsy, techie, or blog y (wow thats a stretch of the English language). Anyone who knows what I am talking about? I love Metafilter, but its not a forum. I need a metafilter forum. Thank you.

    But it what he did before that slump that puts him ahead of his competition. Rosier completed 56.4 percent of his passes while throwing 23 touchdowns and nine interceptions during the Hurricanes 10 0 start. And with a group of skill position players this season that as deep and talented as any Miami has had in recent years, those type of numbers are more than good enough to win games.

    Ilonzeh carries the film as Madison, a task that unfortunately may be a class above her current fighting weight. Her performance is often extreme and unmodulated, swinging wildly in either direction, especially in her dramatic scenes with Michael. She's far more at ease with Taye Diggs, playing Alex, a new neighbor with whom she seeks solace.

    We know well enough how to get a spacecraft to anywhere in the solar system. I think we could in a few decades send probes to other stars. Sending humans become problematic. The size and complexity of things grows enormously. Astronauts requires living space and provisions. There are also the health issues with radiation and weightlessness. Then at the end of it all you are spending a lot of money to send humans somewhere, when with a much smaller investment robotic technology can be made to do the same thing.

    Less than a day since Reliance Jio's "First Day First Show" announcement, which promises day and date movie releases for premium broadband customers starting mid 2020, India's cinema chains including the likes of PVR Cinemas, and INOX have responded to Jio's strategy that represents a threat to their business model. In their statements, PVR and INOX emphasised the value addition and growth potential of theatres for the film industry, the shared experience it offers and how it's different from watching at home, pointed out the eight week exclusive theatrical window that's contractually in place, and noted how the traditional model has mutually benefited both the context makers and the distributors. Essentially, it's the kind of statement you'd expect from entrenched players that have a lot to lose if this comes to pass.

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