Hope from an American Survivor

    My name is Paul Berger.  I had a stroke 30 years ago, when I was 36. I lost my speech, my right arm and leg were paralyzed, and […]

The Rose Who Blossomed Despite Her Stroke

  Grit and tenacity are often required when recovering from a stroke. Physiotherapist Jane Gee shares about one such inspiring Survivor who had them in spades!

[Video Guide] Transferring a Stroke Patient

Being able to physically transfer a stroke patient from one position to another is an important skill for many caregivers.


  • I Survived

    Many unique paths, but one common journey towards healing. Read the real-life, inspiring experiences of Survivors who continue to triumph over their everyday challenges.

  • I Care

    For every Survivor, there is at least another Caregiver. Read how the family and friends of Survivors have grown in the process of coping and caring for their loved ones.

  • Life After Stroke

    There may be changes, but life after stroke can continue to be meaningful, productive, and fun! Discover (or rediscover) the things and experiences that can enrich your lifestyle.

  • Medical Care

    Like any serious illness, stroke requires comprehensive clinical intervention. Learn about the common forms of treatment, as well as the latest advancements in stroke care.


What Happens If I have Another Stroke?

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor After Your Stroke

Minister Heng Swee Keat’s Life After Stroke



    Be part of a supportive community of Survivors, Caregivers, and Healthcare Workers. Share your stroke experiences, and learn from someone else’s insights.



    If you or a family member have acquired a special need because of stroke, check out this list of available services and resources that you might find useful.


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  • What Is Stroke

    Stroke is also known as a “brain attack”, and can take a number of forms. Find out more about what happens in your body when a stroke occurs.

  • Managing Risk

    Stroke is not inevitable. Find out what you can do about your current lifestyle to reduce your risk of getting a stroke.

  • Warning Signs of Stroke

    When you have a stroke, time is of the essence. Getting immediate treatment can improve outcomes. Find out what are the warning signs so that you can react F.A.S.T.!

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