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Lawn Bowling — A Simple But Competitive Sport for Survivors

Post on 16/07/16

Lawn bowling is a sport that seems almost conceived precisely for most stroke survivors!


This simple but competitive activity is right up your alley, whether you have the use of one arm or both, and whether you’re able to walk or have to use a wheelchair. Take a look at the video below of a group of abled and differently-abled enthusiasts of the sport demonstrate their skill. And if you’d like to get involved and try your hand at it, get in touch with Bowls Singapore, the local association that brings together fans of all ages and physical abilities.

Members of the Singapore National Stroke Association also recently had an experience of lawn bowling, when our friends from the lawn bowling association organised an indoor session and coached them on the techniques and rules of the game. Needless to say, the survivors and caregivers who participated in the session were bowled over by the experience!

Check out this video from Bowls Singapore to see how it’s played:

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