About StrokeCare.sg

StrokeCare.sg is Singapore’s first one-stop portal dedicated to Survivors, Caregivers, and Healthcare Workers concerned with stroke. It is an initiative of the Singapore National Stroke Association, and supported by the Tote Board Enabling Lives Initiative Grant.

StrokeCare.sg will engage, educate, and encourage survivors and caregivers by bringing together real-life stories of hope, basic care guides (for Caregivers and Survivors), a comprehensive list of services and resources, and lifestyle and medical features. It also hosts an active forum for everyone involved in the local stroke community to share their experiences, and to learn from each other. And to help survivors along their journey of social rehabilitation, a consolidated calendar of events lists activities across the island that are suitable for survivors and their families. The portal is also be easily translatable into Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. 

In short, StrokeCare.sg will help foster a stronger culture of hope, solidarity, and active self-care within the stroke community in Singapore.

The StrokeCare.sg Logo

StokeCare Logo (3) 3While medical and physiotherapeutic care are important aspects of physiological rehabilitation, they are underpinned by the survivor’s own mental attitude and emotional strength. The two crosses — traditional symbols of aid — in the cranium area of the silhouette, represent these complementary aspects of holistic healing: the large blue cross symbolises a positive attitude, and the red cross above it symbolises medical treatment.


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