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  • Prepare for RS Double XP Event with RSorder 6% off RS 3 Gold

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    I sometimes search through international TV during time off of work and Thursday night I stumbled on SkySports2 broadcast of the Ashes cricket match, England vs Australia. And there was Piers Morgan challenging some Aussie bowler while he stood in what looked like a baseball batting cage with netting as a batsman protecting a wicket at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Piers was extremely brave as faced what looked like a pro bowler (similar to a pitcher in baseball who runs a long distance and then bowls overhand by bouncing the cricket ball in front of the batsman who is trying to protect the wicket from getting struck by the ball and knocking off the top pieces). Piers was very brave but showed no skill and was extremely over matched in this contest. Stick to your show on CNN, Piers. It suits you much better.

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    In a statement, Governor Perry spokesperson Josh Havens says that explosion has impacted everyone in West in some way, and we are very disappointed that the Administration is denying the people of West this important assistance. Perry office plans to continue to work to see there is any additional information that can be provided to FEMA that will get this community the assistance they need, qualify for, and deserve. had originally requested a disasterdeclaration and public assistance in mid May. FEMA wrote to Perry in a separate letter denying public assistance that has been determined that the remaining cost for permanent work is within the capabilities of the state and affected local governments, according to a letter obtained by StateImpact Texas.

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