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Problems that occur when cutting a blade

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  • Problems that occur when cutting a blade

    The workpiece is caught between the workpiece holder and the cutting piece
    Problem 1: The workpiece holder is poorly adjusted
    Solution: The distance between the workpiece holder and the cutting blade working surface is within 3 mm.
    Problem 2: Insert the workpiece between the workpiece holder and the low price disc for metal.
    Solution: The workpiece is supported by the workpiece holder and cannot be forced between the cutting piece and the workpiece holder.
    Problem 3: When side grinding is not performed for the workpiece holder for side grinding
    Solution: The flat cutting piece is forbidden for side grinding, the side grinding uses the bowl-shaped high quality cutting disc supplier, and the workpiece holder is set correctly.
    Insufficient inspection of the grinding machine or improper machine tool
    Problem 1: The bearing is loose, the spindle is bent, and the precision of the grinding machine is significantly reduced.
    Solution: Check and repair the grinding machine to improve its accuracy
    Problem 2: The shaft diameter of the cutting piece shaft is too small
    Solution: If there is a cutting piece of the same size as the shaft, use a cutting piece equivalent to this.
    Question 3: Wrong rough grinding or cutting piece use error
    Solution: rely on the guidance of the skilled person or the cutting blade instruction manual for correct grinding
    When the imbalance of the cutting piece is too large
    Problem 1: The balance check of the cutting sheet manufacturer is insufficient
    Solution: Recalibrate the balance on the balance frame
    Question 2: The cutting disc for stainless steel contains a part of water
    Solution: the grinding surface is idling in the state of stopping the water injection.
    When using the side of the cutting piece, the use surface of the cutting piece is specified. It is strictly forbidden to use the cutting piece other than the side to perform side grinding.