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The three major problems caused by the quality of the cutting piece

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  • The three major problems caused by the quality of the cutting piece

    The low price disc for metal belongs to the grinding wheel. It needs to be very cautious in the production process. The processing is not good. When it is used in the later stage, there will be some problems, including the following three types:
    First, the shock. When the cutting piece is operated at a high speed, the vibration is severe when the handle is held, the cutting efficiency is lowered, and waste is caused. The reason is caused by the imbalance of the high quality cutting disc supplier.
    Second, the bridge, that is, the film. When the cutting piece is running at high speed, the trajectory cannot be straight, and the direct result is that the material after cutting has a slanting flaw, which may not meet the processing requirements.
    3. Crack, broken. Due to the inferior quality of the mesh, the amount of binder is too small or expired, the temperature of the kiln is too low, etc., the blade will crack when it is running at high speed, and it will cause breakage and injury in severe cases.

    *The cutting piece is a resin grinding wheel made of special fiber fabric as a reinforcing material, which has high tensile, impact and bending strength and can be used up to 72 m/s. The use of this product is efficient and safe. In order to increase the strength of the grinding wheel, a fiber mesh cloth is added to the grinding wheel, and a metal ring is set in the inner hole. The 砂-shaped grinding wheel is made of multi-layer reinforced glass fiber material with high tensile, impact and bending strength, and the line speed can reach 70 m / s. And can be specially enhanced according to customer requirements. This product is mounted on an electric angle grinder for free grinding. It can be widely used in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. It can also be used in iron decoration and equipment repair in modern houses and factories.
    Let's take a look at the six main features of the cutting disc for stainless steel:
    1. Using high-strength glass fiber as the reinforcing substrate;
    2, high quality abrasives;
    3. The plastic resin is a binder;
    4. Special soft processes and equipment;
    5, the product has good flexibility and flexibility;
    6, suitable for the processing of complex shaped bodies.