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Ultra-thin diamond cutting piece

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  • Ultra-thin diamond cutting piece

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    The ultra-thin diamond-cut piece is made of a unique process based on the diamond-cut piece, and then the selected diamond powder is made by metal bonding. Therefore, it can perform slot cutting on various hard and brittle materials, such as various silicon wafers, germanium, ferrite, glass, lithium niobate, gallium phosphide, lithium niobate, gallium arsenide, gallium arsenide. , all kinds of ceramics, etc. Therefore, ultra-thin diamond cutting sheets have various characteristics such as high strength and toughness, high precision, ultra-thin shape, and of course, correspondingly increase the cost.

    The ultra-thin diamond series cutting piece is actually a thin ring. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable size flange to use. After the use, if the cutting edge is worn or the entire ring edge is knocked off, then it can be replaced by a smaller flange that can be used after being trimmed. It can be described as very economical. In addition, as long as the precision of the low price disc for metal is used, we can get the best cutting effect. So what are the conditions for using diamond cut sheets?

    1. The cutting speed of the diamond cut piece must be greater than 80 m / s;

    2. The normal cutting speed of the diamond cutting piece (moving speed of the object to be cut) is determined according to the cutting material and cutting precision requirements, generally within 0.5-200 mm/sec;

    3. The diamond cutting piece must be cooled with water when cutting, and the cooling water flow rate is not less than 2.4 liters/min;

    4. The cutting depth of the diamond cutting piece is determined according to the thickness of the cutting piece and the cutting material. Generally, the maximum cutting depth is within 3 mm;

    5. The new sand cutting piece must be trimmed with a special correction plate before use.

    6. When selecting diamond cutting sheets, in order to ensure the best cutting effect, it is necessary to select the corresponding abrasive grain cutting sheets according to the different cutting materials.