In order to avoid damage to the low price disc for metal during transportation and storage, you must take care:
1) Long-distance transportation should be properly packed in wooden boxes or wicker baskets, and the cutting discs should be separated by soft materials such as straw and sawdust to prevent collision and impact.
2) The ceramic cutting disc should not be placed in a damp or frozen place. The rubber cutting disc should not be in contact with the oil. The resin cutting disc can be in contact with the alkali, otherwise, the strength and grinding force of the cutting disc will be reduced.
3) The cutting disc should be stored in a dry place at room temperature not lower than 5 degrees Celsius.
4) The cutting discs should be placed separately according to the specifications, and the storage area should be marked to avoid confusion and errors. The placement method should be determined according to the size of the grinding. Large or thick diameter cutting discs shall be placed upright and slightly inclined. Thinner and smaller grinding wheels shall be placed flat, but not too high, and a flat iron plate shall be placed underneath it to prevent deformation of the grinding wheel. Or rupture.
5) The storage time of organic cutting discs should not exceed one year. Overdue cutting discs should be inspected for strength before use. The modified grinding wheel should also be re-run after the test.