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Resin bond and rubber bond difference

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  • Resin bond and rubber bond difference

    As we all know, the so-called resin grinding wheel or low price disc for metal, the difference is that different bonding agents are used between the two, and what are the functions of the two bonding agents?
    The resin mixture is an organic binder which is artificially synthesized from stone carbonate in formaldehyde. The bonding strength is high and can be used for manufacturing a sheet polishing sheet, and because of its certain elasticity, the polishing sheet bonded by the same has better elastic polishing performance. The resin binder has poor heat resistance and is burned first at a high temperature, and the sand is easily peeled off. Therefore, the polishing sheet has good self-sharpness and high grinding efficiency, but the polishing sheet is also prone to lose the correct shape. In addition, the polishing sheet binder is poor in alkali resistance, and under the action of the alkaline cutting fluid, the abrasion of the polishing sheet is accelerated, and the wet environment also reduces the strength of the polishing sheet, so the polishing sheet of the general resin bonding agent is generally used. The storage period should not exceed one year.
    The rubber band is also an organic binder. It is made of natural or synthetic rubber. It has higher bonding strength than resin binder and can be used to bond thinner polishing sheets with high elasticity and polishing sheet. The concession property is good, especially at a high temperature, the pores in the rubber bonding agent polishing sheet are small, the voids are small, the structure is tight, and the shape of the polishing sheet is good. However, the rubber bonding agent is inferior in heat resistance, oil resistance, and moisture resistance, and the polishing period of the polishing sheet is 2 years.