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What are the classifications of grinding tools?

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  • What are the classifications of grinding tools?

    Grinding wheel grinding tools, generally speaking, are the general name of durable cutting off wheel and mold, including many different kinds of products. As a common processing part, grinding wheel grinding tools are generally used for machining, which can meet the industrial standards that cannot be achieved by humans. Machinery, medicine, construction, and other fields, as long as grinding and polishing are required, but what are the classifications of Henan grinding tools? Now let's take a look:
    Generally speaking, the grinding wheel products are mainly divided into two categories: corundum grinding wheel and silicon carbide grinding wheel. Specifically, there are basically the following types:
    1, brown corundum grinding wheel, the main component is Al2O3, with medium hardness, high toughness, sharp particles, relatively low price, suitable for processing high tensile strength metal. Microcrystalline corundum grinding wheel and black corundum grinding wheel are their derivatives.
    2, white corundum grinding wheel, its hardness is slightly higher than brown corundum, but the toughness is poor, easy to cut into the workpiece during grinding, self-sharpness, low heat generation, strong grinding ability, high efficiency. Chrome corundum grinding wheel is derived Variety.
    3, single crystal corundum grinding wheel, the particle is composed of a single crystal, and has a good multi-edge cutting edge, high hardness and toughness, strong grinding ability, less heat generation, the disadvantage is higher production cost, output Lower, so the price is higher. Zirconium corundum grinding wheel is also a crystalline compound, the hardness is slightly lower, the crystal size is finer, and the wear resistance is good.
    4, black silicon carbide grinding wheel, green silicon carbide grinding wheel, cubic silicon carbide grinding wheel, silicon carbide grinding wheel, etc., belonging to silicon carbide grinding wheel, the main component is silicon carbide SiC, high hardness, brittleness, sharp abrasive grain, good thermal conductivity, Strong wear resistance, suitable for processing hard and brittle metal and non-metal products.

    We all know that diamond is a very hard material, so it can also be applied to the high performance cutting disc. Diamond grinding is a very sharp grinding piece, and its use is very extensive, so let Henan today. Grinding wheel grinding company tells you what advantages diamond grinding has.
    Diamond grinding discs are made of high-quality diamond micro-powder and resin binder materials. They are made with exquisite technology and advanced production technology. The grinding discs have a fast cutting edge, good sharpness, stable quality, long service life, high work efficiency, and fast surface. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-fading, it has been widely used in stone processing, floor renovation, tile production, and other industries. The grinding sheet has a uniform specification of granular color and good flexibility, in granite, marble, artificial stone and other lines, curved It is widely used in the processing of plates and special-shaped stone. It has various shapes and specifications. Various grain sizes are distinguished by different colors. It can be flexibly matched with various hand grinders, ground stone refurbished machines and ceramic polishing according to customers' needs and habits. Machine use. The diamond grinding disc can efficiently finish polishing and grinding stone, glass, ceramics and other materials under the condition of adding water. The spiral grinding disc has sharp grinding, good heat resistance, and pressure resistance, and does not change the stone. Under the premise of its own color, it has the advantages of fast glazing, high brightness, and fading, and has been favored by many friends.