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Precautions required for installation

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  • Precautions required for installation

    With the rapid development of China's science and technology in recent years, there are more and more new things in our society. Now we are entering an era of Internet development. For many things, we can learn all about it through the Internet. Information. So durable cutting off wheel are widely used for their excellent performance. Cutting blades play an important role in industrial production. The correct installation of cutting blades is directly related to the safety in the production process, then you know the ultra-thin cutting blades. Do you need to pay attention to the installation? Let's take a look at the relevant content.
    1. Before installing the ultra-thin cutting piece, the marking of the cutting piece must be checked first. The grinding wheel with unclear or no mark must be re-tested by the rotation, otherwise, it is easy to be confused.
    Second, we must understand the working line speed of ultra-thin cutting blades. If the cutting piece with a working line speed of 50m/s is installed on a machine with a working line speed of 80m/s, it will break easily.
    3. Before installation, use a wooden hammer to tap the cutting piece. If a crisp sound is produced, the quality of the ultra-thin cutting piece is qualified. Otherwise, there may be cracks in the grinding wheel. This type of grinding wheel cannot be used.
    Fourth, the flanges sandwiched on both sides, the shape of the same size. The diameter of the flange is generally half of the diameter of the resin grinding wheel cutting piece, the inside should have a concave groove. Between the end face of the grinding wheel and the flange, to be padded An elastic cardboard or leather, oil-resistant rubber gasket with a thickness of about 1 to 2 mm, the diameter of the gasket should be slightly larger than the outer diameter of the flange.
    5. The flange screws should be tightened symmetrically in order to make the clamping force evenly distributed, but the force should not be too strong, otherwise, one side will be fractured.
    6. After the high performance cutting disc is installed, it must be idle for one minute. This is for the last time to check the quality of the ultra-thin cutting piece. After the installation, the cutting piece must be carefully checked before use, and it can work under high-speed rotation. Must be reliable, balanced adjustment, to avoid personal and quality accidents caused by cracks in some quality problems due to high-speed operation.