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    Abrasive? Abrasives? stupidly can not tell? Just kidding, you can literally distinguish them, but do you really know them with the tools you use every day? Really understand their raw materials and working principle? So what is abrasive? What is a grinding tool? Today, with a wealth of product experience, you can deeply analyze the knowledge about abrasives and abrasive tools.
    Abrasives are divided into natural abrasives and synthetic abrasives, which are essential for the manufacture of every precision product. Simply speaking, the abrasive is a grinding material, which is a granular material that acts as a cutting action in grinding and polishing. It has a wide range of applications, from household detergents to the hardest material diamonds.
    The durable cutting off wheel is a tool used for grinding by bonding abrasives and bonding agents for grinding, grinding and polishing. Abrasives are widely used in machinery manufacturing and other metalworking industries, and they are also used in the processing of food processing, the paper industry, and non-metallic materials such as ceramics, glass, and stone.
    The above is the relevant knowledge about abrasives and abrasive tools. If you want to work for your own better work, bring more efficiency and create more value, the first thing to do is to thoroughly understand it. In practice, in order to avoid losses caused by mistakes, these tools must be properly handled.
    The insiders know that the polishing sheet is different from the cutting sheet. In the production enterprise, the polishing sheet has a more easy-to-understand alias - grinding sheet. Like the cutting piece, they are one of the types of grinding wheels. The polishing sheet is the grinding sheet, which has many differences from the cutting sheet, and the focus is on the "grinding". Today, let us talk about the different details between the polishing sheet and the cutting sheet.
    The main difference between the two is in their working principle and role. The grinding disc is mainly embodied in the "grinding", which is used for grinding, working with the surface, that is, polishing. The high performance cutting disc is used for the wheel, it is used for cutting, and the focus is on "cutting".
    The difference between the two is these. The specific explanation of the image believes that everyone should be able to understand. When using the grinding wheel, the first one must pay attention to its working principle and function. If it is used for "grinding", it will be polished. The film, if it is used for "cutting" then it is definitely a choice of cutting pieces.