Services & Resources

Adapting to life after stroke can have its challenges. Here is a list of available services and resources that may help you cope better with the different aspects of post-stroke life.

Back to Work  

  • Able (Agape Village)
    Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations (ABLE) seeks to enable and empower the physically challenged to live productive, meaningful and independent lives, and be full contributors to the community.


  • Bizlink
    Bizlink provides one-stop employment and job assessment services. Bizlink acts as a bridge to connect people with disabilities to potential employers and businesses




  • Special Employment Credit (SEC)
    To support employment of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), the SEC was extended to employers that hire PWDs of all ages in 2012. The SEC for PWDs is set at 16% of the employee’s monthly income, up to $240 per month.


Caregiver Training and Wellbeing  



  • Caregivers Training Grant
    Annual subsidies for caregivers to attend training courses so they can better care for their loved ones.




  • Nursing Home Respite Care
    Caregivers who need a break of at least seven days can opt to have their loved ones taken care of here.



Daily Living  

  • Assistive Technology Fund
    Subsidies for persons with disabilities to purchase assistive technology devices (e.g. wheelchairs) for independence in daily living.



  • Home Personal Care
    Personal services provided by trained care professionals for clients requiring care to continue living at home and in the community.


  • Meals on Wheels
    Meal deliveries to homebound clients who lack the functional and/or cognitive ability to buy/prepare their own meals and do not have a caregiver to help.



  • YMCA Meals-on-Wheels for Disabled
    Meals-on-Wheels for Disabled (MOWD) programme extends the same service to the physically and mentally disabled aged between 13 and 59.




Day Care  


  • Hospice Day Care
    Care for seniors who are terminally ill and staying with their family.


  • Senior Activity Centre
    Outreach programmes and recreational activities for seniors to stay connected to their community.



  • Social Day Care
    Care and exercise for frail seniors when their family or caregivers are at work.
Getting Back Into the Community  

  • Active Ageing
    A wide array of activities and courses to enrich the life experiences of senior citizens.


  • HealthNetCafe
    A listing of upcoming health events for the general public in Singapore, including talks, workshops, forums, exhibitions, etc.


  • Singapore Disability Sports Council
    The Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) is the only organisation in Singapore which reaches across all disability groups, offering a wide range of sports at both elite and non-elite levels. It is, in fact, Singapore’s national disability sports organisation.



Healthcare Financial Aid – for Medical Expenses  


  • Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)
    For permanent residents who cannot pay the rest of their medical bills after using government subsidies, ElderShield and other initiatives.


  • Medical Fee Exemption Card
    This card covers standard medical/hospitalisation treatments at government/restructured hospitals and polyclinics for needy residents of MSF-funded sheltered and disability homes.


  • Medifund
    An endowment fund to help needy Singaporeans who cannot pay for their medical bills.



Mental Wellness and Social Support  


  • Counselling
    Psychosocial therapeutic interventions and support for clients and caregivers.


  • Enabling Village
    As the newest integrated community space in Singapore, The Enabling Village combines retail, lifestyle and training for disabled members of the community in an all-accessible public space.


  • Home Visit
    Home visits conducted to provide assessment, counselling and intervention.



Transport and Personal Mobility  

  • Caring Fleet
    Caring Fleet Services Limited (CFS) is a non-profit social enterprise founded in 2010 that provides transportation services to people with mobility difficulties.


  • Car Park Label Scheme (for Persons with Physical Disabilities)
    This scheme allows eligible persons with physical disabilities to embark and disembark from their vehicles in accessible parking lots by displaying a special vehicle label. This scheme is not applicable to motorcycles. Mobility aids equipment can be very expensive and not everyone with a physical handicap or impairment can afford to buy them. Kampong Senang’s Mobility Aids Services & Training Centre (MASTC) exists to remedy this situation by provisioning mobility aids, services and support to the less fortunate so that they can live better lives.


  • Kampong Senang’s Mobility Aids Services & Training Centre
    Mobility aids equipment can be very expensive and not everyone with a physical handicap or impairment can afford to buy them. Kampong Senang’s Mobility Aids Services & Training Centre (MASTC) exists to remedy this situation by provisioning mobility aids, services and support to the less fortunate so that they can live better lives.






  • Taxi Subsidy Scheme
    Support for persons with disabilities who are only able to travel by taxi for school or work purposes.


  • VWO Transport Subsidies
    Support for persons with disabilities who take transport provided by VoluntaOrganisations (VWOs) to access care services.


Other Financial Aid, Advice, and Planning  


  • Dependents Protection Scheme
    An insurance meant to help your family cope financially if you die, or become permanently incapacitated, before turning 60.




  • Short-to-Medium Term Assistance
    Support for those looking for work or temporarily unable to work due to illness or have to care for children, elderly or other dependents.









Important Phone Numbers  

Emergency Lines
Emergency Ambulance 995
Police 999

Private Ambulance Operators

Abella Agency 9690 5665
Ambulance Medical Services Pte Ltd 6281 8111
 AME Ambulance Services  6247 7080
“A” TEAM MEDIC LLP 6354 3343
Citizens Ambulance and Service 6222 1821
ECON Ambulance Services 6468 8686
Emergencies First Aid & Rescue 6560 6060
ER Ambulance & Services 6222 2995
HOPE Ambulance Service 6100 1911
Lentor Ambulance 6100 1777
Life International Ambulance Service Pte Ltd 6272 6018
Medic Network LLP 6258 5525
MW Medical 6250 0625 / 9642 1803

Restructured Hospitals with Accident & Emergency (A&E) Service

Alexandra Hospital 6472 2000
Khoo Teck Puat Hospital 6555 8000
KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital 6225 5554
National University Hospital 6772 5000
Ng Teng Fong Hospital 6716 2323
Seng Kang Health Services 6472 2000
Singapore General Hospital 6222 3322
Tan Tock Seng Hospital 6357 8866

Private Hospitals with Accident & Emergency (A&E) Service 

Raffles Hospital 6311 1555
Parkway East Hospital 6344 7588
Gleneagles Hospital 6473 7222
Mount Elizabeth Hospital 6737 2666
Mount Alvernia Hospital 6347 6210
Thomson Medical Centre 6350 8812
West Point Hospital 6262 5858

Personal and Family Crises

AWWA Centre for Caregivers 1800 299 2992 / 6511 5318
Care Corner (Mandarin) 1800 3535 800
Family Service Centre 1800 838 0100
IMH Psychiatric Emergency 6389 2222
Raffles Counselling Centre 6311 1222 
Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) 1800 221 4444
Singapore Action Group of Elders (SAGE) Counselling 1800 353 8633 / 6354 1191


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